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Security for Computers. Discover Our Latest Antivirus

McAfee Antivirus

2016 Total Protection Unlimited Device for just US$ 89.99

Protect every device you own-Comprehensive protection for all your PCs, Macs, smartphones, and tablets with the convenience of a single subscription. Guard against viruses and the latest threats-Block viruses, malware, ransomware, spyware, unwanted programs, and more!

Kaspersky Antivirus

Internet Security 2016 |3 Devices 1 Year for just US$ 79.99

Whatever device you use you are using the same Internet. Online threats can reach your personal data on any device. It’s true that desktop only protection is no longer enough. For just

Bitdefender Antivirus

Internet Security 3 PC - 1 Year 2015

for just US$ 79.95

Bitdefender Bitdefender Internet Security 2015 For 3 PC - 1 Year PRODUCT OF THE YEAR. PC MAG Editor's Choice - 3 Years in a Row. Imperceptible. GOLD Award for Fastest System Speed. Jan 2015 Easy to Use.

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Clean up your PC with the most sought after Antivirus Solutions - It is advisable to always protect your computers, laptops, tablets or smart phones from latest Anti Virus programs. You should select the Anti Virus program based on your needs, to protect your computer or entire network or all devices in your office or homes.

Antivirus Advisory


Update your antivirus software.


Configure security setting for higher level of protection

Remove Virus. Setup, Install, antivirus software


Install Antivirus on any Operating System

We have range of Security Products for your Electronic Devices from Best Known Global Brands. Select the product which suits your needs. We are Currently offering McAfee Antivirus Solutions, Kaspersky Antivirus Solutions and Bitdefender Antivirus Solutions
  • Is your computer infected?

  • Is your network down?

  • Having trouble with your antivirus?

  • Best rated software products will optimize your Device and make it productive.


Clean Up Your PC Now with Best Antivirus Solutions from McAfee Antivirus, Kaspersky Antivirus & Bitdefender Antivirus Solutions. We are Shortly launching Range of Norton Antivirus Solutions.

Common Antivirus Problem with Solution.

1. Keep Windows and Internet Explorer current with all security updates from Microsoft which will patch many of the security holes through which attackers can gain access to your computer. When necessary, Microsoft releases security updates regularly and publishes Security update bulletins to announce and describe the update. If you're not sure how to install updates, contact the manufacturer directly.

2. Avoid gaming sites, pirated software (warez), cracking tools, and keygens. They are a security risk which can make your computer susceptible to malware infections, remote attacks, exposure of personal information, and identity theft. In some instances an infection may cause so much damage to your system that recovery is not possible and the only option is to wipe your drive, reformat and reinstall the OS.

3. Beware of Rogue Security software and crypto ransomware as they are some of the most common sources of malware infection. They infect machines by using unknown software.

4. Keeping Autorun enabled on flash drives has become a significant security risk as they are one of the most common infection sources for malware which can transfer the infection to your computer. One in every eight malware attacks occurs via a USB device. Many security experts recommend you disable Autorun as a method of prevention. Microsoft recommends doing the same.

5. Know how to recognize Email and do not open unsolicited email attachments as they can be dangerous and result in serious malware infection. They are typically installed through opening disguised malicious email attachments which appear to be legitimate correspondence from reputable companies such as banks and Internet providers or UPS or FedEx with tracking numbers.

Our Antivirus Installation & Support Plans

  • Remote Antivirus Installation: US$ 49

  • One System Optimization: US$ 69

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